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Frequently Asked Questions below for a list of mechanics during the




According to our experience, installation of the device can be
performed by the under mentioned specialists very simply:

-Climate mechanics
-Alarming equipment mechanics

The representatives of all three trades possess the necessary
instruments and professional knowledge which is necessary for
installing the thermostat in your home.

If you need specialist's help to install, here you can find it.
On our continuously broadening list you can find the availability of
specialists who can install or replace an older version of the
thermostat quickly and professionally. All this on an acceptable price
and with the possible largest expertise.







Ist es möglich die Fussbodenheizung durch GSM Thermostat betrieben zu werden?

Ja, es is möglich.






Funktionirt der Thermostat mit Sensor ohne GSM?

Ja, er funktionirt.




Batterie betreibt den Thermostat oder das Stromnetz?

Der Thermostat braucht Strom, Batterie wurde unwirtschaftlich.






Leuchtet der Thermostat mit Sensor ständig? Wirkt es nicht störend?

Der Thermostat leuchtet fliessend, aber es ist nicht störend um filtriertes Licht.



Wie viele Kabel braucht man zum Anschluss des Thermostats mit Sensor?

Es gibt 4 Kabel, zwei zum zentralen GSM Gerät, zwei zur Stromversorgung.


"GSM antenna installed at the Centre when it is worth buying and when you need to connect an external antenna?"

The new GSM units are able to measure and display the signal strength of the installation site so that normal conditions, the device easy can buy any number of 10-inch wall movement strength has no place in a better location. If the expected signal is very low and unstable, you could set the thermostat to ask for an external antenna connector. In this case, it should also be incorporated into one (the kit is also available online 15USD) external antenna as well. If you touch a separate management unit uses the GSM unit is installed next to the boiler can not be so confusing if any, of either an external antenna.





"How much time warranty of equipment and where to improve and where they are made to the equipment?"

Our country is for all available instruments (excluding the antennas) and the Hungarian brand. The rest of the country part unit made and the final assembly of Budapest. The potential improvements in Budapest with more than a few days . The warranty has a unique way of life of the unit. If the problem is large, only the built-in components, the price to be paid, and of course, possible deliveries costs.



"To install the equipment at home?"

This is a difficult question, but of course, very minimal technical knowledge can easily be installed. If it does not seem like a stranger to the power of expression and the precise connection of the cables is not a problem at home, without any additional equipment to be mounted.



"What is available in the GSM unit?"

Currently, Hungarian, English, German, Spanish and Russian (speaking) language choice of the device. Preparation, there is a Greek version in the near future. Display the list of Russian-Greek language instead of English to be (Ciril and Greek letters are not recognized in Device)


"X10-related and networking is the equipment?"

Yes related. Some additional equipment to be purchased on the following links:

X10 Interface (This is to be fitted with a thermostat attached USA 110Volt version)

Relay Receiver (This side of the boiler unit of USA 110Volt version)

It is then easily handled by the X10 integration. 


"Instead linked network is the equipment?"

Yes related. Some additional equipment to be purchased on the following links:

I / O Linc INSTEAD module (This is to be fitted with a thermostat attached to USA 110 Volt version)

Instead monule Relay (this side of the boiler unit of USA 110 Volt version)

It is then easily handled by the INSTEAD integration. 


"Other systems, whether the device is affixed to Zigbee, RS485 Zwave?"

No. These protocols do not fit assembly can be integrated.



"How the devices shipped abroad?"

Countries such as remote. USA Canada UK or Australia, Ireland is very determining the weight of the package it (and the other due to differing network standards) do not mailed to the network transformer. A U.S. case of sending it by post to the normal fee of 15USD expensive, three. Each country sending to a local help can be easily acquired and inexpensive (10-15USD) purchasing power supply.



"Programmable thermostat, such as GSM. 7-day or day program?"

No. The GSM unit does not provide either a daily or weekly program option either.



"What happens during a power failure?"

The data stored in your device is protected against power failure. The network backed , the device automatically locks and loads the stored data, PIN codes, etc. set temperature.



"What works and what band GSM device in the country?"

The GSM device 900-1800-1900Mhz frequency band's work. This is Europe and North America (USA - Canada) means the territory in particular. The U.S. still has a 850Mhz-band, but it is no greater; the major cities and rural areas is sufficient to 1900Mhz. The world's GSM network list click here ..




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